How To Mod Xbox 360

If you’re reading this and want to modify your xbox 360 or xbox 360 controllers or get a custom JTAG firmware onto your xbox 360, then you’ve come to the right place! Currently we’ve figured out how to get past the xbox 360 2.0.13599.0 firmware and the new update which should be coming around next month is already being prepared for.

I’ll show you how to mod xbox 360. I’ll guide you through the small steps and whenever there are any difficult steps, I always have pictures accompanied and or videos to help you through them. I have detailed steps outlined for each firmware so even if you aren’t on 2.0.13599.0, you can still mod your xbox 360 with my guide. Also did I mention? I’ve provided guides for both the regular Xbox 360 and the Xbox 360 slim. So you’ll know how to mod your xbox 360 and how to mod xbox 360 slim! If you’ve ever browsed those guides which are complex and hard to follow but you want the mod so bad, you’ve come to the right place!

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From Start to this in less than 20 minutes!

Once you learn how to mod xbox 360 or how to softmod xbox 360, share the love! Share this post or give it a like or a +1 so that the next person that attempts to mod or softmod their xbox 360 doesn’t end up with a paperweight that is worth $300. Anyways, i’ve blabbed long enough. Remember, you will learn how to mod xbox 360, how to mod xbox 360 slim, as well as any other kinds of little mods with as softmodding xbox 360 or xbox 360 controller mods that you see have faster reaction timings that improve your game. The only thing you’ll have to check on your xbox 360 is the type of cd-drive you have.

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Picture by Picture detail to guide you

Why Should You Mod Your Xbox 360?

Well this is pretty easy to answer. If you haven’t heard already, those Xbox 360′s that have preloaded forty games that can launch all from the dashboard, never using a disc. That’s what a modded xbox 360 is. If you play Call of Duty, ever see those 10th prestige lobbies that are being hosted by people who have only been on live for a few days? They have a JTAGGED Xbox 360. I’ll teach you how to do that too. FREE Modding your xbox 360 will allow you to install homebrew applications, which includes emulators, and all those custom dashboards and backup applications that you see. After you’ve modded your xbox 360, we’ll make sure to patch it up so that any security checks such as Anti Piracy 2.5 or Xbox Live updates will be bypassed so you sail by undetected. If you’re only interested in how to host 10th prestige lobbies, then I have another guide for that later.

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All The Software You Need Included!

There’s many ways to Mod Xbox 360

..but many are hard to follow or are only restricted to certain firmwares or models. Modding your xbox 360 slim or controlling modding can be difficult, so i’ve included many pictures and videos to guide you through the process. Don’t get confused with other guides that are vaguely written and could end up bricking your xbox 360.

Before we continue, Check to see if all the guides are up to date for modding!



 Download Xbox 360 Modding Guide Launcher


Follow These Steps:
1. Download the Launcher
2. Open the Launcher and Download The Guides you require
3. Next step is to Extract Files into a folder and read the guides though roughly.
4. Depending on which mod guide you’re looking at, more directions will be on the guide.

For some of the mods such as controller modding, you’ll need a basic screwdriver, or something super small that can fit into small spaces, such as a small pair of pliers in order to open the controller. But after it’s opened, the guide is pretty simple.
Now that you’ve learned how to mod xbox 360 or how to mod xbox 360 controllers for rapid speed, enjoy! Spread the word about modding, share this post or give us a like or +1! Enjoy!

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